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AIDS RIDE 2014, Bangkok, Thailand 31 May 2014


AIDS RIDE 2014, Bangkok, Thailand 31 May 2014

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Date: Saturday 31 May 2014
Time: at 08:00 am
Venue: QSNCC, Bangkok, Thailand

Legitimacy: BCARE is a grassroots registered NGO (BIC 117 of 2003) in India, BCARE Canada with an extra provincial status registered in Quebec, Canada (NEQ: 1164063951) and BCARE USA Inc., is a charitable NGO having 501c3 status Code of Federal Income Tax of IRS, USA

Introduction and History: Well, AIDS RIDE 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, is a segment bicycle ride of AIDS RIDE 2014, Washington DC, USA to Melbourne, Australia. AIDS RID 2014 is a series of Bicycle Ride Events and a continuity in connectivity of past 19th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington DC, USA and ensuing 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne, Australia, in July 2014. Either complete bike ride or local bike rides based up on the topography only!

AIDS RIDE 2014, Bangkok, Thailand is organized post to The INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS on AIDS in ASIA and THE PACIFIC (ICAAP11), Bangkok, Thailand, 18th-22nd Nov, 2013. AIDS RIDE 2008 was first initiated at the 16th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2006) in Toronto, Canada by 2 Indian Activists and 2 Polish Canadian Activists. AIDS Ride has been organized by BCARE International and it’s supporting Networks of PLWHAs and NGOs. Ever since the AIDS RIDE was initiated, it has been official affiliated event of every periodical biggest International AIDS Conferences convened!

AIDS Ride 2008: Toronto-Mexico City, 7th June – 3rd Aug 2008 Affiliated with 17th International AIDS Conference, Mexico City 2008. It was an incredible journey of 52 days (including 8 days rest) covered about 2900 miles. For more details:,

AIDS Ride 2010: Mexico City, Mexico – Vienna, Austria, 1st, July 17th July 2010 Affiliated with 18th International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria 2010! We connected approx. 79 locations including 49 major cities. The total distance covered was 6,000 miles and we took 23 days to complete the project.

AIDS Ride 2012: Boston to Washington DC, 13th July – 22nd July, 2012 Affiliate with 19th International AIDS Conference, Washington DC., 2012. It was a 9 day complete bicycle journey covering 500 miles approx., to spread the word of HIV/AIDS and AIDS 2012

AIDS RIDE 2014, Washington DC, USA to Melbourne, Australia is a global bike ride event taking place in a few selected countries that could form a pathway to 20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia, (AIDS 2014). Here comes one of our segments of bicycle ride in Thailand called AIDS RIDE 2014,Bangkok, Thailand a roadway to AIDS 2014, Melbourne Australia,

The aims and objectives of AIDS Ride 2014 are as follows: 1) To raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, 2) To counter stigma and discrimination, thereby promoting and protecting human rights, and more specifically to embody in our actions the theme of the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), 3) To bridge the geographical space between the 19th International AIDS Conference (Washington DC, United States) and the 20th International AIDS Conference (Melbourne, Australia) and 4) finally fundraising for NGOs and Networks involved in making AIDS RIDE 2014.

Outcome: Organizing the bicycle ride will amplify awareness about HIV/AIDS and facilitate mutual learning among the Bikers, Indian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and other community allies on our different experiences, insights and information related to our common mission of AIDS FREE Generation! Likewise, it will give us an opportunity to focus on advocacy campaigning strategies that will complement our current position on global HIV epidemic and related issues.

It is in this light that we urge your involvement, participation and take up shared responsibility in alleviating the problem of HIV/AIDS! For us to be able to organize AIDS Ride 2014 bicycle event in the local city of Bangkok, your support and involvement are the most important factors and that we would greatly appreciate! Thank you.

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