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Baygon Charity Night Run 2014 – Saturday 10th May


Baygon Charity Night Run 2014 – Saturday 10th May

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Venue: Airport Rail Link Makkasan station.
Date: Saturday May 10, 2014
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Ticket Price: 300 Baht

Baygon Charity Night Run the race ‘s first charity run . The destination does not stop ! Just finish line held by SC Johnson and Son , John , who had the idea to give everyone health conscious . Exercise by running . This will give you good health . Running time also makes good health as well. This will allow me to move together . Total revenues (and expenses ) on the card runs at SC Johnson & Son Ltd. will be donated to the Red Cross Society.

Running routes
Baygon Charity Night Run a marathon for charity. By a path through.
Start of Airport Link. Makkasan Station then runners are split into three groups.

The first group (3 miles) turn left, go straight until the road Jaturatis, turn left on the road Jaturatis ran, ran along the path to the finish line, turn left on Airport Link Makkasan.

The second and third groups (5 and 11 km runners) will turn right (running back arrow on the bus usually) – turn right on Kamphaeng Phet Road 7, ran straight to the settlement Makkasan Road, turn left onto Industrial Road Makkasan, run. to separate the friendly relationship – turn left into Petchburi Road, ran straight to the Asoke intersection – Phetchaburi runners will then split into two groups.

The second group (5 miles) turn left onto Asoke – Din, turn left to the finish line.

The Thirth groups ( 11 km ) will run up to the bridge at the intersection of Center – turn left into Petchburi Soi 47 ( Soi ), run to the Medical Association of Thailand , turn right , go straight through the intersection . turn right through Soi Rama 9 Soi 26 through Praditmanutham – Turn left to Praditmanutham ran , curve left onto Rama 9, the parallel streets Rama 9 outer left, go straight up the road Jaturatis . Go straight , turn left onto Airport Link Makkasan, running along the route. To the finish line.

Types of Running
Walking – running total is divided into 3 phases as follows.
1) Type 3 km
2) Type 5 km
3) 11 km
No competition And age group

• Participants who ran into the finish line will receive a medal Baygon Charity Night Run to reward success.

How to Apply
Those interested can apply to buy Baygon Charity Night Run Running now on.
• Thai Ticket Major

300 baht (with T-shirt Baygon Charity Night Run number 1) Revenue from ticket sales were donated to the Red Cross.

Register will
Can come up in front of it from time to time. 16.00 onwards

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