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Blue Live in Bangkok 2015 at Thounder Dome Muang Thong Tani – Saturday 13th June


Blue Live in Bangkok 2015 at Thounder Dome Muang Thong Tani – Saturday 13th June

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Return greatly in the last decade of the super boy band from England, the legendary band “BLUE” is ready to return to the screams from the girls in Thailand again in concert Reunion “Blue Live in Bangkok 2015”. BLUE is declared ready to grab the heart young again Thailand. With a wide range of popular music Called by the memories of his childhood was a fun replay back again for sure. He returned to Thailand in 10 years, this sounds like BLUE hair fun and special music fans Thailand here. The Privileges Close up There has not been kind to people who make a big international artists in my life. It is a great opportunity for Thailand fans. The concert will be “Blue Live in Bangkok 2015” at this time and this concert will be intimate, friendly style that everyone’s favorite BLUE.

So you know then I don’t wait and to go to the gang pals enjoy it immensely, on Saturday, June 13, 2015 at Thounder Dome Muang Thong Tani. Ticket Price: 5,500 / 4,500 / 3,500, 2,000 baht and VVIP PACKAGE 6,500 baht.

This event secretly whispered aloud BLUE highly compact space. Concerts, parties like I thoroughly warm, intimate seating, so the ticket is limited. If you are little slow it just might not see the Blue, get ready and buy the ticket at, every Thaiticketmajor booths , TTM CALL CENTER 02-262-3456 from May 1st onwards.

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