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Dancing Art Festival Special Round – Sunday 27th April 2014


Dancing Art Festival Special Round – Sunday 27th April 2014

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Venue: Thai National Theatre
Date: Sunday April 27, 2014.
Time: 1.30 P.M

Thai Music Foundation, Thailand Fine Arts Department invites you to Fine Arts Festival, special round “New Year’s Eve and New Year” on Sunday 27 April 2014, 13.30 – 17.30 hrs at National Theater (Main Hall)

Performances include
– 3 Ja Kae performance show ‘Lao Duang Duen”
– “Chui Chay Dance” “Lum Hub” by Suchada Srisura, then “Ngo Noi – Ngo Yai Dance” and “Nang Koi Dance”
– “Java Dance” by Angaloong band
– “Krish Dance”, then I-Nao musical episode: Sang Tham (leading by Ph.D. Supachai Chansuwan, National artist)
– “Chui Chay Dance – Praya Krut Plang” by Theeradej Klinchan then “Kakee the musical – Praya Krut Luk Kakee”
– Sane Burengnong
– “Poo Chana Sib Thit episode: Khao Dong Ka Riang”

Ticket Price
2,000 Baht, 1,500 Baht, 1,000 Baht, 500 Baht

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