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Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019 at Bitec Internation Exhibition – 28th to 31st October


Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019 at Bitec Internation Exhibition – 28th to 31st October

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Digital Economy Promotion Agency, the agency under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society From the great success of the event throughout the past two years, Digital Thailand Big Bang has created a tremendous flow and alertness among people of all ages, including foreign partners, in topic of changing the country with the technology of Thailand.

In 2019, Thailand has been given the role of ASEAN Chairman once again after past decade and organize the annual ASEAN Summit (ASEAN Summit) event organized by Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) which ASEAN is an arena for international cooperation to carry out cooperation activities of members among all 10 member countries, whether cooperation in economic, social, cultural, security until technology and innovation. This event considered to be an important platform for the change and role of Thailand at the regional level. The department realizes the importance and desires to extend Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019 to be an international exhibition by collaborating with foreign partners to create ASEAN Connectivity in the event.

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