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Hey “Miss” – do us all a favor and resign now.


Hey “Miss” – do us all a favor and resign now.

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I have a few words of advice for the so called teacher who put shoes
on a student’s head and made him kowtow on the ground and crawl
because he wore his own shoes into class against school rules.

First of all let me make it clear.

You are not a teacher and you are utterly repulsive. Furthermore you
are a disgrace to the profession you claim to represent and you should
pack your bags immediately.

Just leave the kids alone – and go and be a brick in a wall somewhere.

Maybe you are surprised to hear this from someone who is not Thai.

Yes we are all shocked by violence from teachers but your filthy
actions mean a lot to me personally.

I am English but I have lived in Thailand a long time. Not that you
need to have been in the kingdom more than five minutes to know what
you did was horrible.

Tourists reading in a guidebook would know more than you.

Just to let you know I was the head of a Thai department at a big,
respectable international school.

Unusual as it may seem my job was to teach Thai, as well as foreign
children about Thai culture.

I taught them about your manners and your language. I thought they
were important things for kids to learn, even those at international

I had a rule about not wearing shoes into the Thai Studies classroom
areas where I taught for twenty years. It set the scene for all the
nice items the children would see, all the hopefully good things they
would learn from me and my Thai colleagues.

Sometimes kids came in with their shoes on. Kids forget. Kids are
oblivious at times. Sometimes even obnoxious.

But do you know what I did?

I looked at them in the face, then looked at their shoes. My
expression told them how I felt.

It was not necessary to say or do anything – and you know what.

They never did it again and the lesson was learnt. They might have
even respected me, though those days are over for you I am afraid.

You know what would have happened to me, or any of the dozen Thai
female staff in my department, if I or they had put shoes on a
student’s head.

Let me tell you.

My English headmaster would have called me in and told me to leave the
premises immediately.

Yes, no committee. No excuses. Sacked.

And would I get a reference or a job in education anywhere else in the
world ever again if people knew about that.

No, I wouldn’t expect that.

Of course no one in their right mind would do what you did. You are
not fit to teach and clearly not in your right mind.

Such an action as you did is not spur of the moment.

Let’s face it you were caught by a student filming. You forgot this is
the era of social media and you wouldn’t get away with it.

Maybe you had in the past…..but not now.

Don’t think it will be forgotten if the education department takes
pity on you and lets you back in the class.

It won’t – and even if the children are made to wai you and smile they
will always remember, as will their parents, what an utter disgrace
you are.

So please resign – go and pack fish in cans or do something useful
like tend the fields. But don’t try and teach because you can’t.

And to the education authorities.

Don’t let this woman off with a warning. Remove her and think about
the children for a change.

Children break rules, children are annoying, children challenge
authority – that is what makes them children.

But their teachers must know better than to punish like this. There
can be no excuses.

And while you are at it why not start working with the police and
school directors to not just stop this humiliation that reflects so
badly on your system, but do something about the illegal violence
handed out to students in your schools as well.

It’s assault.

Show some balls and stand up for what is right.

And be what the students expect of their teachers.

Role models.

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