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Muay Thai Blogger Tour 2014 – Monday 22nd September


Muay Thai Blogger Tour 2014 – Monday 22nd September

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On September 22, a group of adventure seekers and fearless world wanderers from Taiwan, Slovakia, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, USA, and the Philippines will descend upon Bangkok to partake in a week-long Muay Thai Blogger Tour 2014.

Commissioned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the tour’s mission is to popularize travel to Thailand for the purpose of studying and practicing Muay Thai. With that in mind, the bloggers will travel to various Muay Thai training camps where they’re going to learn history of the sport, train alongside other fighters, see how they live and prepare for matches, and possibly get into the ring to throw a few punches. The bloggers will also attend competitions at Lumpini and Rajadamnern stadiums, see “Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives” show, and explore Bangkok’s old town.

After the tour, the bloggers will publish their experiences, revealing why Thailand is a prime traveling destination for fitness, active sports, and martial arts.

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