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Noise Market 7 Fest At Museum Siam / 18-19 November 2017


Noise Market 7 Fest At Museum Siam / 18-19 November 2017

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Noise Market is 2 days art market event started out in 2013 by selection of alternative Art, Book, Craft and Music from 100 of local independent artists, students or professional, the event held at “Museum Siam” National discovery museum institute. The main activity is live performances and workshops to bring alternative art knowledge, communicate to Thai people, Noise Market became successful and destination of creative interests people, product designers, writers, artists, traveling artists and indie bands, Visitors mixed with all age Thai and international as well (approximately ~8000). The additional activity in 2015 to present is outdoor cinema collaboration with Bangkok Underground Film festival.

where to meet or looking for alternative art, craft, design, music, book, film,… friendly atmosphere, where children can run, parent can sit back, artist can draw, reader can listen, musician can enjoy other, experimentalist can test, tourist can shopping, blah blah blah… It sound noisy but not annoying actually enjoyable!

Happen at museum siam, every year on mid november,

Noise Market 1, 9-10 Nov 2013
Noise Market 2, 10-11 May 2014
Noise Market 3, 8-9 Nov, 2014 (with Food)
Noise Market 4, 14-15 Feb, 2015
Noise Market 5, 21-22 Nov, 2015 (Bangkok Underground Film Festival joined)
Noise Market 6, 3-4 June, 2017 (Bangkok Underground Film Festival, Thai Harvest/SOS joined)

organised by Panda Records and Museum Siam’s crew
support by Museum Siam

The upcoming Noise Market 7th keep saving the earth which mean every single body. We’d like to ask everyone concern about produce and consume in every day life to reduce amount of waste. Let’s join us.

More information e-mail [email protected]

Address:Museum Siam, Bangkok, Thailand


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