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Siam Okinawa Music Festival – 1st November 2013


Siam Okinawa Music Festival – 1st November 2013

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Date: Friday 1st November 2013
Time: at 07:00 pm. Door open – 19:00 and Performance start – 20:00
Venue: The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The ticket is limit at 200 seats, so please hurry up! FB of the event is created for checking the number of people who want to join in that day; however, it may has so many customers come and is possible that the ticket may not able to sell on that day.

If you’ve already confirm to join, please contact us to get the ticket in advance.

The ‘One Night’ revival of Thai – Okinawa’s good old day, you never touch before
Heart Vibrating “the Voice of Silk Thread”

”Thoughts Connected, Future Connected”
40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation

“Siam – Okinawa Music Festival”
Thailand-Okinawa cultural and art exchange fair

Misako Ohshiro
The princess in the world of Okinawa folk song who’s named “the Voice of Silk Thread” and has 57 years of song career. Misako’s also worked on various Okinawa films e.g. “Nabi No Koi” “Nada Sou Sou” etc.

The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band (ZudRangMa Records)

The band which formed by both expert and young musicians to arrange “Mo-lam”, the I-san (Thailand’s North Eastern)’s folk song which has been spread from the good old day, to be in the mood of present world. They also have activities in domestic and international.

Kanako Horiuchi
No.1 Young Okinawa folk song singer who is a successor of Misako Ohshiro

The ticket buyers will have a chance to win flight ticket to Okinawa!!
(1 prize and the winner can select the date of travel from the available schedule)

Ticket: 700 THB (including one-drink)

Capacity: 200 seats (The ticket box will be closed if the ticket sold out)

Food and drink for sell during the event.

Ticket Purchase: Kinjo, the Okinawa restaurant and izakaya at Sukhumvit 69

For more information: 089 047 1456 (Mr.Otaka, can speak English)
E-mail: [email protected]
Kinjo.Mawjai Website click Here

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