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Are Thai Women the most beautiful in the world?


Are Thai Women the most beautiful in the world?

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Thailand the land of smiles serving up scrumptious food and beautiful women – that’s pretty much how the story goes isn’t it? If there is one thing Thailand is well known for it is their beautiful women. But are they really among the most beautiful in the world and – just as an excuse to show you – who are the prettiest Thai women at the moment?

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A quick look over the web and a few women are consistently mentioned as the prettiest in Thailand. Take Supaksorn Chainmonkol, who has featured in movies as “Handle Me with Care” and “The Trek”. Or you have Woonsen Virithipa…or the classic pageant girl and 2007’s Miss Thailand Universe Farung Yuthuthitum. All stunningly attractive.

But it’s not just about their looks that make Thai women so appealing. Thai women are known for being petite and ultra-feminine, with delicate features and silky-smooth skin. Word of warning though, don’t get on the wrong side of a Thai lady; I am not going to go there in this blog. Just DON’T DO IT.

Thai women are taught from a very young age to be polite, soft-spoken and respectful. So it is not just the physical appearance; but also the behaviour of Thai women that is beautiful. But the cliché that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is absolutely true. Look at current trends with women, the large tone backside is very much vogue again, so what one generation deems beautiful may not be the case for the next.

In some online lists Thai women don’t even make the top 15, yet in others they are top 3 – so it sums up that fact that we all have different tastes; that are not actually based on what nationality a women even comes from. If I was forced to draw a straw of the most beautiful women in the world I d put Thais in the mix, along with Russian, Brazilian, Swedish, Ukrainian, really I could keep on going…Where do you draw the line ?!!

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