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Thailand Coffee Fest 2019 at Impact Arena – 14th to 17th March


Thailand Coffee Fest 2019 at Impact Arena – 14th to 17th March

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Coffee isn’t just the start to your day, it’s the start to so many other things too. A good cup of coffee begins with the beans and so do all other coffee-based products. That one cup of coffee may be the inspiration you need for business, the catalyst for friendship, or just a part of your lifestyle . Once you start sipping, you might lose yourself endlessly in the flavor.

Coffee Lover,get ready for the return of the greatest coffee event in Southeast Asia. A festival that will enlighten you on all the amazing types of coffee, from its origin to the magical final taste that we all adore.

Date : 14 March 2019 – 17 March 2019
Time : 10:00-20:00 hrs.
Venue : Hall 5-6
Type : Exhibition Public

Contact Event Organizer
Cloud & Ground Co., Ltd.
Mobile. 096-858-1419
email: [email protected]

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