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Chinese New Year at The Eatery Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok – 24-26 January 2020

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Chinese New Year at The Eatery Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok – 24-26 January 2020

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Which of these Chinese New Year Traditions do you follow?

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival is celebrated all over the world during the Lunar New Year. There are many traditions that come with the New Year which is believed to create good luck.

Cleaning is done before the New Year to ensure that the homeowner has swept away the bad luck from the previous year and is left with a fresh new start.

Not cleaning is the same idea. Good luck from the New Year could potentially be swept away, so people who follow this tradition would delay on cleaning their home during the first week of the New Year.

Firecrackers are believed to get rid of Nian or the Chinese New Year Lion with its loud noises and fire sparks. The sounds are also believed to help drive away bad omen for the year.

The red envelope is probably most teens’ favorite tradition, where elders or employers will give away money in a red envelope for good luck and the red color is believed to protect them from evil spirits.

Food, the most enjoyable part of the Chinese New Year Tradition is where family comes together and feast on the endless supply of delicious food and also setting some aside as offerings to the ancestors.

If you cannot follow all of those traditions, at least check one off the list

This Chinese new year, happily enjoy your day at The Eatery with our Chinese New Year specials, featuring many of your favorite Chinese cuisines.

Bring your family and friends and enjoy heartwarming dishes this Chinese New Year, on 24 – 26 January 2020, from 11AM – 10.30PM at The Eatery, located on the ground floor of Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15

Moo Dang Moo Grob  THB 399++


Chinese barbeque pork and crispy pork with canton lettuce and pickled ginger (Served with Jasmine steamed rice)

Pla Neung See-Ew  THB 369++


Steamed sea bass fillet in soy sauce (Served with Jasmine steamed rice)

Stir-fried Hokkien Noodles THB 269++


With Chinese barbeque pork, prawn and vegetables

Fish Maw Soup THB 169++


Shredded chicken and black Chinese mushrooms

Bua Loy Nam Khing THB 69++


Sesame dumplings in ginger syrup

Book your space now at 02-309-3000 or email: [email protected]

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