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Why Good Sanitization is not only essential for Bangkok businesses in New Normal, but it’s only half the solution too


Why Good Sanitization is not only essential for Bangkok businesses in New Normal, but it’s only half the solution too

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If you are a business in Bangkok that services customers in your premises, be that a restaurant, real estate office, clothes retailer or coffee shop, you need to now ensure excellent sanitization disciplines. You have no choice, your customers expect it.

Mister Shield is a Bangkok based eco-friendly sanitization operator that not only provide cost-effective sanitization solutions for local businesses but provide full marketing support to each participating business too.

First off, a conscientious business should be regularly sanitizing its premises to kill germs and viruses to protect its customers. But it should also be communicating this fact to its customers to build trust and reassurance.

This is the Mister Shield proposition — sanitize and promote. Mister Shield is the ideal sanitization partner for Bangkok businesses because it will manage both the frequent sanitization and marketing of this fact too.

After each sanitization, Mister Shield staff place Verified Service stickers and countertop display stands within each premise, to verify and display the date of sanitization. Anyone who wishes to verify the sanitization of a venue can simply visit and use the verification number on the sticker to confirm and verify the sanitization. This is exactly what is required in our new normal world we find ourselves living in.

Furthermore, Mister Shield promotes all sanitized venues on their website — — on other leading local websites, such as, and through daily Facebook Ads. The goal is to ensure local Thais, Expats and — when the borders open — tourists are aware of sanitized venues in Bangkok.

“We wanted to help local Bangkok businesses get back on their feet following this pandemic with the best possible solution.” said a Mister Shield spokesperson, “We offer weekly and monthly sanitization packages at unbeatable prices and on top of that offer the marketing support that is needed to drive more customer footfall for them.”

If you would like to contact Mister Shield for more information you can email [email protected] or visit

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