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Would you consider investing £100,000 in Thailand?

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Would you consider investing £100,000 in Thailand?

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People around the world are looking for different investments and opportunities to get healthy but safe returns on their money. No doubt most opportunities will have been explored to varying lengths but would you consider investing £100,000 of your hard-earned money in Thailand? At the present time, this equates to in the region of THB4.3 million. That could be invested in the fledgling but well respected stock market, a business opportunity or perhaps a property.

Investing in any new business venture carries a fair amount of risk as too does investing in stocks and shares in any country with most markets currently reaching record highs. These are certainly opportunities to make superb returns but there is also a good chance that you could lose some or all of your capital. These types of investment, in a country that you are maybe not overly familiar with, should perhaps be left the professionals or serious risk takers.
For the majority of us who are left, that leaves property. If we just deal in units that can be bought in foreign ownership, therefore excluding houses and land for purposes that are best left to another discussion, you can see that there are some great options available. THB4.3 million buys you a very reasonable condominium and one that would probably be attractive to tenants. Thailand is booming in terms of tourist numbers so good returns would seems very attainable. The problem then is finding quality long-term tenants, a lots of short term tenants.

Tenants are the bane of many a landlord’s life. They are the source of your income, the answer to your prayers or in many cases, non-existent or trouble with a capital ‘T’. Owning a property and gaining a rental return is what many people dream of. Sadly, tenants can soon shatter that dream and this can be worse still if you are either thousands of miles away or struggling with other problems in country where quite frankly, everything is foreign! That THB4.3 million investment doesn’t look so attractive now does it?

Well, there is a solution to these potential headaches – the rental guarantee concept. These are managed schemes where basically you buy you property, rent it back to the developer and get a guaranteed return for a set number of years without needing to raise a finger. This is even better if your property is within a 5-star hotel, from a worldwide renowned hotelier, in a resort that is thriving. The hotel will be in a prime location so therefore lots of potential for capital growth and it will be managed by the 5-star hotel. Perfect you are thinking!

These types of investment are very real and the returns are very healthy but most importantly relatively low risk. There are three attractive options available now; one in Pattaya in a completed hotel managed by Amari which offer 5% p.a. for five years with projected returns in subsequent years of 8% p.a. The other two are both in Phuket, in projects still under construction but overseen by Best Western and Ramada. They both offer the same deal, 7% p.a. for five years with project returns of an impressive 10% p.a. in the years thereafter.

These rental guarantee concepts are quite attractive, certainly when compared to returns you may get from your bank or building society. So, would you consider investing £100,000 in Thailand?

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