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How Bangkok Businesses are attracting new customers in New Normal

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How Bangkok Businesses are attracting new customers in New Normal

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With many businesses in Bangkok having a very tough time with the loss of international tourism, a new initiative has been launched that is having great success in getting locals into their venues.

Hand gels, temperature checks and face masks are now the standard for the local Bangkokian when moving between shopping centres and shops, but what is making the difference is when shops show they have excellent sanitization standards. It can and does attract new customers.

Consumer behaviours have changed and we all demand better hygiene standards. Mister Shield is an eco-friendly sanitization and marketing service that has helped businesses attract these customers back into their stores.

Prices start from less than 1,000 baht per month to sanitize a venue and free it of germs and virus and in addition to the venue gets marketing material to tell patrons new and existing of this extra step they have taken. Plus Mister Shield promotes using a variety of online platforms all venues that have had these cleans to tell the local market.

Stickers in businesses shop windows, counter tops of tables plus online marketing is having the desired impact. Whether you are a restaurant, massage, real estate or coffee shop – this marketing and increased sanitization standards, will bring you more customers.

Try for yourself with one free sanitization and marketing push!

Email [email protected] or ring 065 – 954 – 0040 and try one free sanitization with sticker and countertop point of sale for your venue and see for yourself.

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