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6 Interesting Places to Visit You’ll Only See in Bangkok


6 Interesting Places to Visit You’ll Only See in Bangkok

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There are plenty of reasons why tourists from all over Thailand and the world keep on coming back to Bangkok. The delicious food, the vibrant marketplaces, the ever-smiling people. Bangkok is also an interesting city. It’s huge and developed, but it’s able to keep in touch with its historical and traditional roots. Leveraging its beautiful culture and world-renowned hospitality, Bangkok can offer relaxation, adventure, and everything else in between.

For those who want to experience the uniqueness of Bangkok, you can book Bangkok tours from Traveloka for hassle-free reservations of tickets and accommodations. After that, you can check out these interesting sights and destinations that will certainly cement the city in your heart and mind as one of the most fascinating places you’ve visited.

Siriraj Medical Museum

Bangkok has no shortage of galleries and museums, with subjects ranging from artistic to historical to downright quirky. The Siriraj Medical Museum, on the other hand, is a category on its own. Also called the Bangkok Forensic Museum, the Siriraj Medical Museum has a collection of pathological remains and parasitic specimens. While these displays can be a little grisly or macabre for some, they are also highly informative and educational. For example, the Ellis Pathological Museum’s exhibits are focused on some of the top causes of death in Thailand: birth defects, cancer, and heart disease. The Parasitology Museum, on the other hand, has a collection of parasites that have been extracted from patients and information on how you can prevent getting infected. If you can stomach it, the Siriraj Medical Museum is an excellent educational pit stop on your tour.

Museum of Counterfeit Goods

Another interesting museum in Bangkok is the Museum of Counterfeit Goods. The fake products on display—DVDs, clothes, bags, and even food and medicine—are meant to showcase the dangers of counterfeiting, along with its negative effects to the economy and laborers. Of course, the museum also shares information and tips on how to identify genuine products over fake ones.

Muay Thai Matches

For fans of muay thai, there’s nothing more exciting or authentic than watching nak muays duke it out in the ring right in the heart of Bangkok. The locals are quite enthusiastic about the matches, so be prepared to place your bets and shout alongside the audience. Some of the best places to catch a live muay thai match is Channel 7 Stadium in Chatuchak, Rajadamnern Stadium (the oldest muay thai stadium in Thailand) in Pom Prap Sattru Phai, and Lumpinee Stadium in Bang Khen.

Wat Pariwat

You’ll find hundreds of temples all over Thailand, each with their own claims to fame. However, perhaps nothing is more unique than Wat Pariwat, which is also called the David Beckham Temple. The football player is depicted in a 30-centimeter-tall statuette as a mythical guardian, supporting Buddha’s altar on his shoulders. There are more quirky decorations inside this one-of-a-kind temple, including likenesses of Albert Einstein, Captain America, Doraemon, Winnie the Pooh, and even then-U.S. president Barack Obama. Wat Pariwat is also an explosion of color and a wide variety of different materials, decorated with pearls, gold, crystals, and more.

Elephant Building

As the symbol of Thailand, the elephant can be seen in anything and everything. You can find souvenirs and trinkets like mugs, keychains, T-shirts, fans, and figurines sculpted in the shape of an elephant or printed with a photo of an elephant. If you’d like something bigger, though, you can go to Phaholyothin and Ratchadapisek Roads and gaze upon the Elephant Building. It’s a high-rise residential and commercial building with three towers, arranged to resemble the general shape of an elephant. Most of the building is dedicated to office spaces and residential units, although there’s also a recreational section with gardens, a swimming pool, and a shopping plaza.

Talad Rot Fai

Are you looking for antiques, vintage clothes, unique jewelry, and other collectibles? Better head on over to Talat Rot Fai or Train Market. You’ll find a lot of retro stuff, including rare items from North America and Europe. Of course, there’s also a great selection of street food. There are two Talad Rot Fai destinations you can choose from: the bigger one at Srinagarindra Road or the smaller one at Ratchadapisek Road behind Esplanade Mall. Both are popular shopping destinations for the younger market, though the one Srinagarindra Road has a bigger collection of antiques and thus has its share of older shoppers as well.

Ready for a unique and memorable trip to Bangkok? Don’t forget to include these destinations in your itinerary.

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