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Outdoor education for families visiting Kanchanaburi


Outdoor education for families visiting Kanchanaburi

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Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

If you live in Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is on your doorstep. It’s stunningly picturesque, relatively inexpensive, easily accessible and has the most amazing clean and beautiful rivers running through its heart. I have a particular reason for knowing the water’s clean, since I work on the rivers most days and we check the water quality frequently for our water sports education business. The rivers and surrounding rural lands lend themselves to some wonderful outdoor education opportunities for the young and the young at heart. The River Kwai Yai offers all the benefits of outdoor education, from learning responsibility and building confidence through water sports, to the chance to soak up Kanchanaburi’s natural rural environment, and enjoy the flora and fauna all along the river.

Water sports and stand up paddle-boarding, in particular, engage children and adults in a unique way. Children, especially, love the feeling of control and responsibility that comes with journeying in a river environment.

If you look around, you’ll also find some amazing accommodation at very, very competitive prices, and none more amazing that the stunning Royal River Kwai Resort and Spa. There is plenty of evidence available that points to the positive mental benefits of spending time close to water and this resort absolutely checks those boxes, being right on the riverside, and offering elegant and comfortable rooms set amongst delicate Thai garden sculptures, all surrounded by local trees, shrubs and flowers. The pool is perfect, whether you like a morning exercise regime, a midday tanning session or a cooling late afternoon dip, while the food is exquisite. Going by its longevity, the owners of this resort seem fastidious about maintenance, keeping the resort’s appearance and functionality at a very high standard. It’s a
location that’s synonymous with romance and tranquility.

Kanchanaburi is full of places to visit and things to do, but one of the gems in plain sight is the natural world of rural Kanchanaburi itself and the River Kwai Yai, where the terrible Russian roulette scene was filmed in classic movie ‘The Deerhunter’. Reading one of the myriad books about the wartime history, or ‘The Railway Man’ by Eric Lomax to get a feeling for what the PoWs went through is recommended during your stay. The Hellfire Pass Interpretive Centre is another must for those with an interest in such history and a poignant reminder that for every PoW who suffered, many more Asian workers lived and died constructing the notorious Burma-Siam Railway.

Hellfire Pass Interpretive Centre and Memorial Walking Trail is dedicated to all Allied prisoners of war and civilian Asian labourers (Romusha) who suffered and died during the construction of the Thai-Burma railway during the Second World War. Funded and maintained by the Australian Government, the interpretive centre tells the story of the railway, the construction and attempts to covey the hardship and suffering of those who were forced to work in extremely harsh conditions.


Source: Expat Life Thailand

Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

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