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Billy’s Smokehouse “Independence Day cookout” – July 2020

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Billy’s Smokehouse “Independence Day cookout” – July 2020

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This quick approaching July 4th, on the nose of a long dry weekend, Billy’s Smokehouse is calling all fellow Americans and friends and families, to come enjoy a meal on Independence Day

BANGKOK, THAILAND – This year’s Independence Day, Chef Billy from Billy’s Smokehouse is going make your 4th of July better than any other year with deals for pre-order BBQ at home and a cookout, which guarantees orgasmic dining experience, at Billy’s Smokehouse.

Extra and complimentary side orders for pre-orders at home;

  • Deals on pre-orders delivery or pickup BBQ sets
  • Special delivery for Nichada’s residents

| THE CATCH | Free side orders for smoked chicken and BBQ ribs and free up-size side orders and pecan pie for both the premium platter and the pork & chicken platter. For Nichada area, ask for free delivery through OC Organic shop (only when order before June 30th)

Deals on “BBQ VS Pizza” cookout at Billy’s Smokehouse;

  • Same offers on pre-orders BBQ also available for dine-in if reserved BBQ sets before June 30th
  • Outdoor BBQ cookout like how we would do it back home with cold brew from Rogue Embassy
  • Introduction of Billy’s special Chicago style stuffed pizza

| THE CATCH | Chef Billy is going to set up his famous live BBQ stations all day long serving freshly smoked pork spareribs, smoked beef brisket as well as delicious sides like coleslaw, cornbread, butter milk biscuits and frijoles Charros, and, premier his Chicago style stuffed pizzas; double pepperoni, BBQ chicken and smoked veggies.
There will be lots of food and drinks, lots of familiar faces, and nothing but a real good time on Saturday afternoon and throughout the night before the long dry weekend commences.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

For more information, please send your inquiries to [email protected]

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