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Neighborhood Guide: Where to Eat and Drink at Nimman Road and Beyond

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Neighborhood Guide: Where to Eat and Drink at Nimman Road and Beyond

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Nimmanhaemin Road or simply Nimman Road is one of the most popular communities in Chiang Mai. While many visit “The Rose of the North” for its many cultural and historical jewels, there are also those looking to shop, wine, dine, and party in this hip and trendy neighborhood. Foodies, in particular, will enjoy a trip to Nimman Road. Whether you love low-cost authentic street food or lavish fine dining fare, you can easily find it on Nimman Road and in the surrounding areas. You may even feel tempted to type ที่พักนิมมาน to book your Nimman accommodation, so you can stay for a couple of days and sample all the food and drinks!

Without further ado, here’s a short list of some of the best restaurants, bars, and cafes on Nimman Road and beyond.

Cafe de Nimman

The name might be a little misleading—it’s not a cafe but rather a bar and restaurant—but Cafe de Nimman nonetheless serves straight-up delicious food. It used to be located on Nimman Road itself, but its huge popularity meant it needed more space. It’s now at soi 13, a couple of streets away from its original home and with more seating both indoors and outdoors. Some of the most popular dishes at Cafe de Nimman are tom yam goong, khao soi, and stir-fried pork liver with black pepper. If you’re in the mood for some western fare, there are a lot of pasta dishes to choose from in the menu. Alternatively, for something sweet, you can try the Thai Thai Banana Crumble or the Mixed Berry Butter Shortcake. Cafe de Nimman also has an extensive list of beers, cocktails, and wines.

The Baristro

The Baristro, located at the bottom floor of The Barisotel boutique hotel, is a minimalistically beautiful place. Its all-white decor, broken only by bouquets, single green leaves, and wooden chair legs, stands out from every other coffee shop and cafe in the area. This simple, bright, and airy style is perfect for photography. In fact, The Baristro is a favorite haunt of Instagrammers who photograph themselves and the unique drinks and decadent desserts that the cafe serves. Make sure to try the Charcoal Latte Cream Cheese or the Pink Panther, both are crafted by the founder himself, Thanit Suvanish. You may also want to try the nitrogen cold brew coffee, with a hint of orange flavor and rosemary. For deserts, the salted caramel cheesecake is a great choice.

Beast Burger

Like Cafe de Nimman, Beast Burger used to be located on Nimman Road but had to transfer due to its popularity. From its humble beginnings as a food truck, it now has a physical restaurant on soi 17. Despite working with a larger space, however, Beast Burger kept its menu short with only 10 specialty burgers. One of the most popular is The Beast, a beef or pork burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, and Beast Burger’s signature sauce. There’s also a Parmesan Chicken Burger on the menu, a Veggie Burger made from beetroots and chickpeas, and a simple yet no less delicious Kids’ Burger for the little ones. For sides, you have a choice of crinkle-cut fries, waffle fries, or cheesy fries. All burgers at Beast Burger are done medium-well by default, so make sure to let the staff know how thoroughly cooked you want your meat.


Serious coffee lovers are well-acquainted with Ristr8to, a concept cafe inspired by coffees from all over the world. The shop is always bustling with activity and spilling with customers, letting one know just how hip and happening the place is. Their coffee beans come from Thailand, Mexico, Colombia,and Guatemala, among other global locations. Make sure to try the Ristr8to blend with grade 2 Yirgacheffe Ethiopian beans. Aside from crafting the most flavorful brews, Ristr8to baristas are also quite serious about latte art. From rabbits to unicorns, you’ll surely be in awe of the beautiful designs sitting on your coffee cup.

Maldives Resort Bar

For those who love to party at the beach, the best place to go is Maldives Resort Bar in Prasertland. This sprawling open-air venue features tropical-style decorations and a seafood-focused menu for a true beachside feel. Don’t forget to order the snakehead fish curry soup, fried shrimp cakes, and Thai oysters with garlic and nam prik for some extra-flavorful fare. On the other hand, beer drinkers will surely appreciate the nightly promos for both local and imported beers. Of course, there’s always nightly entertainment in the form of live music and other events. If you love bar hopping, Maldives Resort Bar is located near other clubs like Tawandang and Infinity.

Rustic & Blue

Rustic & Blue prides itself in serving dishes made with homegrown produce and in-house-made ingredients like chorizo, feta cheese, salami, and sourdough. This charming restaurant is perhaps best-known for their Eggs Benedict, as well as their chorizo burger. The servings are also quite generous, perfect for hearty appetites or for sharing. Rustic & Blue also serves smoothies, with gluten-free and vegan options to choose from. Meanwhile, the bakery serves a variety of rich and delicious cakes like Lemon Cheesecake, Raw Vegan Cheesecake, and Salted Honey Pie. For some sweet treats, they have delectably creamy ice cream with flavors like Goat Cheese Mulberry Brittle, Palm Sugar Coconut, and Honey Lavender. Chiang Mai’s dining scene is quite vibrant indeed, perhaps nowhere more so in Nimmanhaemin Road. Experience it for yourself the next time you’re in this side of town!

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