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Bangkok’s Water World Welcomes You!


Bangkok’s Water World Welcomes You!

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In Bangkok, the movement on sidewalks could always be challenging for pedestrians, because of the presence of an excessive number of food stalls, clothe vendors, telephone booths, fortune tellers and others. The entrepreneurial local population may turn your on-foot walking an aggravating experience. It may not be easier to pass through the traffic-choked streets of Bangkok. So, what could be a calmer, speedier and more traditional way of commuting across the city?

Well, you might consider exploring Bangkok by boat, away from the frenzied streets. This peaceful water world can offer a pleasant commuting experience to every tourist, no matter wherever he/she comes from. The amazing network of canal spread across this Thai city will allow you to glide peacefully, and this could be one of the attractions that you would never like to miss while in Thailand.

There are so many tourist boats that keep floating in the city canals, ferrying tourists from one corner to another corner of the Bangkok city.

Once a floating city

In the 19th century, Bangkok really used to be a floating city, and often referred to as “Venice of the East”. There were thousands of floating houses, with several thousands of inhabitants. A large size of the population lived in amphibious houses, which comprised houses built by the banks of the canals. The city had a thriving river community once.

In the mid 19th century, King Rama IV and after him his son, King Rama V carried on a massive modernization drive to build roads and railways besides the canal networks. In order to keep pace with the developed world, roads and streets emerged on the city landscape recklessly. As a result, Bangkok’s unique aquatic communities disappeared to a large extent. But still, the city has its own floating world to amuse tourists from around the world.

The Floating Market of Taling Chan

This Floating Market is nothing less than a crowded marine traffic. You will find a number of old women selling eggs, chicken, pork, spices, herbs and vegetables on their ferries. If you can cook your own food, then probably the best raw items can be bought here at a bargain price. Along the banks, you will witness several crumbling temples, which may invite you to explore some little known spiritual beliefs of this land.

As you move farther, you will join a wider channel leaving the canal. This is the tributary of the river Chao Phraya, which is the main river of Bangkok. In this channel, you can witness a number of tourist boats, tug boats and water houses, to amaze you only.

Bangkok’s water world is fascinating. If you want to explore this exciting aquatic community here, our Smart Suites Boutique Hotel will be the best choice. We offer you Deluxe Rooms with full amenities at never-before prices. At the same time, our staff will offer you the complete tourist guidance to enjoy the city attractions in a hassle-free manner.

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