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The very best of British.

Bentley Bangkok by AAS Auto Service Co.,Ltd, the sole authorised dealer and distributor of Bentley in Thailand has many reasons to look forward positively to the future. In 2019 Bentley celebrated its 100th birthday. The company commemorated its 100 extraordinary years of existence at the former British Embassy site on Wireless Road.

David Jackson, MD of Bentley Thailand is keen to share what the future looks like, “I am delighted to be leading the Bentley brand in Thailand as the company enters its second century of business. We at AAS – a name you can trust, are proud to be a part of the Bentley story so far and to continue to be part of this incredible journey. I am proud to present a new retail environment and range of models that have been thrilling our customers around the world. Bentley is significantly strengthening its brand and positioning in the Thai market by continuing to launch the world’s best automobiles across new and existing segments. With a long heritage of world-class engineering, motorsport distinction and iconic designs and its commitment to excellence. Bentley makes extraordinary cars for discerning customers, a unique blend of luxury and performance that cannot be found anywhere else but here at the home of the brand in Thailand. AAS is significantly boosting the Bentley brand presence in the Thai market. In its retail spaces, we aim to offer an extraordinary experience for our customers within Bentley’s global brand standards. Our customers will experience the latest models that have been thrilling customers around the world namely…

The Bentley Bentayga V8 petrolBentley Bentayga V8 Petrol
the most sporting guise of this award-winning SUV to date. The V8 petrol is the unique blend of power and refinement which gives it a distinct, unrivalled position in the luxury SUV market. It has defined a new sector and set the luxury SUV benchmark, offering customers the ultimate grand touring experience unrestricted by landscape or conditions. At the heart of the latest model is a new generation 4.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, which combines immense power with impressive fuel efficiency. The addition of a characteristic V8 burble, stylish twin-quad exhaust pipes and optional carbon-ceramic brakes, reveals more of the luxury SUV’s sporting character. The dynamic unit develops 542bhp (550PS) and 568lb.ft. (770 Nm) of torque, resulting in a top speed of 180mph (290 km/h) and 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds (100 km/h in 4.5 seconds). The class-leading performance of the Bentayga V8 is complemented by a range of 464 miles (746km), with CO2 emissions of 260g/km.

This refined efficiency (24.8mpg/11.4 litres/100 km combined) comes, in part, through the ability of the engine to deactivate four of its eight cylinders in suitable conditions, without compromising the drive. The seamless change happens in just 20 milliseconds, making it imperceptible to customers. The addition of stop-start technology, which can activate at ‘near-to-stop’ speeds, also contributes to the emissions figure. Sitting at the core of the Bentayga range, the new V8 model fuses exquisite luxury with power, usability and extensive sporting ability. Its responsive performance is fully customisable on demand by the driver through Bentley’s Drive Dynamics system, from limousine-like refinement to sporting precision. Inside, customers will recognise Bentley’s unique approach to modern luxury tailoring, with the familiar blend of exquisite handcrafted materials and advanced technologies. New styling features include a wood and hide steering wheel and the introduction of a high gloss carbon fibre interior panel finish.


Source: Expat Life Thailand

Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

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