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Can a family have a good life living in Pattaya?


Can a family have a good life living in Pattaya?

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It is a well beaten drum the stick Pattaya gets, honestly even my Russian wife would rather not live here. In fact the words ‘babies’ and ‘children’ would usually only be mentioned in the same breath with Pattaya as one of the consequences for what goes on in this city.

Anyway, my debate today centres on whether a family can actually have a good, wholesome life living in Pattaya. And my case study for this? My family.

Sure, there are things about Pattaya I don’t like. The corruption and the current over tourism from the Chinese that gridlocks the streets with coaches and pollution being the two biggest gripes of mine, but besides that it offers so much.

My wife will always tell me Pattaya is no place to raise a family. She doesn’t want them exposed to lady-boys and prostitutes lined up on Pattaya Beach Road for example. All very good points and no ‘streetwise’ arguments will convince her otherwise, and – I am first to admit – maybe I have been here so long that I don’t see the problems anymore. It is normal for me, and I cannot fathom if that is a good or bad thing.

However what I thought would be good for the basis of this article is to talk you through a typical day in the life of my young family so you can work out for yourself if Pattaya is really that bad for children.

Typically as I am leaving for work our nanny will turn up and my wife will either go to the sauna or attend her yoga class. My kids are 3 and 4 years old and I have yet to send them to school. They will play in our home and go for a swim in the pool, even at their tender years they can both swim very well – they can even dive. I am sure living back in the UK their swimming skills would not be so advanced.


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