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Dan about Thailand joins forces with Thailand Tourism Authority


Dan about Thailand joins forces with Thailand Tourism Authority

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I never realised when I started Dan about Thailand a good few years ago now the amount of work needed to service it. I mean it was intended partially as both a hobby and a test bed to understand the role vlogging should play in modern media.

What I have learned is the difference between Dan about Thailand and my other more traditional online media is that I really need to put myself out there. I have a far more intimate relationship with readers than the faceless other platforms I have. I even recognise faces and names of people that follow my Facebook page. If you asked me I could even tell you where many lived and their relationship statuses!

But it is hard work and needs my continous attention – I am, after all, only as good as my last vlog or blog post and I would hate to publish items that I felt were lacking in anyway. It has become somewhat of an obsession of mine. This is why I am often up at 6am to start my working day in order to squeeze everything in!


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