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Expat in Thailand versus stay at home Westerner – Who will really have the last laugh?


Expat in Thailand versus stay at home Westerner – Who will really have the last laugh?

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I notice a theme when I produce my vlogs about Thailand and, in particular, Pattaya in terms of the comments I get. The negative comments always seem to be from those that have never been here. They can feely pour scorn easily via social networks as they sit suffering from delusions of grandeur – no doubt in their small apartment in Grimsby or Sheerness as they enjoy a microwave meal from Aldi. OK, I am being deliberately contentious here; so let me play for just one second. It did, however, made me think – Who will really have the last laugh…the expat of Thailand or the stay at home Westerner?

It would be easy for me to be one sided as I am an expat, but that serves no purpose, so I will try and be rounded in opinion – but its difficult to when you have been ‘enlightened’.

When I first came to Pattaya some 11 or so years ago and told work colleagues in London, the guys would smirk, well some, and the women would look at me in shock. Back then I cared about what they felt and felt a little deviant knowing of the type of lads holiday I embarked on. Maybe they had a point, one should not go with prostitutes and get involved in such debauchery, it’s just not the done thing. And then I came and lived in Thailand, I shudder to think what they thought!

It’s quite easy to get on the defensive when others criticise something you have done. My friends and family probably thought I was just putting two fingers up to the UK and doing what I wanted, and you know what, they were right – but I couldn’t tell them that quite so transparently

I stood one morning on a crowded train at about 630am as I took the usual commute to my office in London – I liked my job a lot but that was not the point here – it had been raining and my suit was a little wet. I stood with colleagues and asked them if our life was already mapped out and that this was it as far as life was concerned. Ok, I am stripping things to the basics but fundamentally, I knew where my life was going: Nice house, family, few more promotions at work and before you knew it retirement.


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