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Forced happiness


Forced happiness

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Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

Many people still think of the mind and body as separate entities wrapped in one package. Increasingly we are taking a more holistic view that a ‘healthy person’ is someone whose physical wellbeing includes mental and emotional stability.

Not everyone accepts this holistic premise though. Many philosophical and religious traditions take a more conventional metaphysical approach, specifically distinguishing between the two. They talk like we are the ethereal drivers of some biological machine. On the contrary, almost everything the mind does depends on the body, the mind is of the body: Mens sana in corpore sano – ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ both working together to ensure physical wellbeing. But is there any actual evidence that positive thinking can heal the body? Well, I suppose we could consider the well-documented placebo effect as being a great example of mind over matter – almost like we are capable of tricking our immune systems into action – so how come nobody has abandoned the pharmacy?

In today’s digital frenzy, it’s easy to lose sight of holistic balance. Our constant craving for something new seems more and more insatiable. New icons, new looks, new products, new recipes, new places to hang, new movies to see, new bags to buy, new… It’s like we all signed up for a fast-track quest to personal betterment but didn’t read the small print. Whole industries have evolved that acknowledge our dissatisfaction, and offer a solution – usually for a price. Just check out the multi billion dollar wellbeing industry. We’ve all come across health and wellness articles with their lists of seductively empty buzz-words like: ‘stop worrying’, ‘look on the bright side’, ‘you’re nothing less than awesome…’ Add to this, variations of perfect hacks, how to’s, tricks and tips for maintaining a euphoria of positivity, which promise that perpetual happiness is within your reach – it almost seems too easy – relax, buy another skinny latte.


Source: Expat Life Thailand

Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

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