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High risk retiree expats not adapting to the coronavirus threat


High risk retiree expats not adapting to the coronavirus threat

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Now is no time for scare mongering regarding the coronavirus, but so many retired expats are failing to grasp the bigger picture to the damage this virus can do.

As I walked around a supermarket in Pattaya on Sunday the contrast was startling – Most Thais wore masks and most Westerners did not. This observation has also been noted from a management team I spoke to of a large retail chain in Bangkok.

Whilst in one of their stores, the retailer also overheard one foreigner ask another foreigner not wearing a mask why they were not. He replied he heard it makes no difference and should only be worn if infected. Whilst we still know so little about the transmission of the virus, surely though wearing a mask is better than just taking a chance – and what’s not to say he isn’t infected?

We can see the trends from other countries as the UK and USA risk heading towards levels from worse hit Italy, let us hope they can buck the trend over the coming days but it’s not looking good. Thailand too now seems to be following a trend of daily growth, so it will get worse before it gets better.

I feel very uneasy about writing on such topics, Dan about Thailand is a vehicle to promote everything positive and good in Thailand, but when I see groups of retirees having a beer or walking about blase to the situation it’s just not right.

Whatever is being said, wearing a mask has to be better than not


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