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How about a Pattaya Off Road Safari Tour to escape the lock down?


How about a Pattaya Off Road Safari Tour to escape the lock down?

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For many this pandemic has equated to boredom as we find ourselves indoors and passing the time by binge watching on a series of Netflix. So when a local Pattaya off road safari team reached out to me offering my family and I the chance to experience the thrill and excitement on one of their tours, I jumped at the chance… Well, I would have jumped at the chance but I am still in isolation on Koh Chang.

Still it didn’t stop me from checking out their website and when my son Frank jumped up and down after seeing the images of quad bikes, ATVs and buggies, I made a commitment there and then to give it a try when back in Pattaya.

And by the way, if you are wondering if this is a paid advert, let me put it this way: When the team reached out to me and said did my family want to give a try and for me to vlog about the experience, I replied to their email minutes after it was received with a resounding ‘Yes!’. This is only a quick write up before the vlog as I cannot wait!

The choice of vehicle is all yours!

What I also liked was that there was no additional fees for bringing a passenger with you. So you can bring you son, daughter or partner at no extra cost! I am sure not only Frank but my wife and my daughter Dani will have an awesome experience. To be honest with you it helps perk me up to travel back to Pattaya after having the most wonderful time locked away on Koh Chang!


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