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It’s not always a bed of roses living and working in Thailand!


It’s not always a bed of roses living and working in Thailand!

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There are times when I start to write my latest blog that I spend ages in the first instance trying to work out the theme or objective – To have no clear path seems nonsensical. As I write this now I have just enjoyed a full day in Chiang Mai with my family and tomorrow I have a day of business so I will get a relatively early night now. I decided to bring my family so I could mix business with pleasure on this trip.

I am a little torn on the path of this article. I could just write about how much I enjoyed my day in Chiang Mai, which, by the way, I certainly did; whilst I also want to add a more philosophical side to this too. The philosophical side comes from various things that have been happening around me whilst I go about my day to day business and life as usual here in Thailand. I also like to share what I am thinking with you, as I want you to know what my life is like in Thailand – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Let me try and explain, whilst also telling you about what I have done today in Chiang Mai. I did think that this would run the risk of the article becoming a series of rambles, but actually it is very considered.

Life for me and my family by and large is a amazing, it is what most can only dream of. A good friend and his wife from the UK were in Thailand for the first time last week and I spent a weekend with them. As we said our goodbyes he said to me my life seemed wonderful and in many ways he was envious of what I have. I know I do have a fantastic life compared to many of my friends living back in the UK. I have worked hard to create what I have but it doesn’t mean it is stress free or one big party. Far from it in fact, I work especially hard and it can be draining.


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