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Koh Chang Voted Best Island in Thailand Overall by Thaivisa Users


Koh Chang Voted Best Island in Thailand Overall by Thaivisa Users

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Surprise Result in Thaivisa Consumer Survey

Thailand is without question one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, with 34 million tourists set to visit in 2017. As a destination its appeal rests largely with its year round hot climate, food, cultures to beaches. Thaivisa, the leading website for both tourist and expats in Thailand, was keen to understand which was the number one island in the opinion of foreigners: What island was best all round, what island was the most beautiful, or kid friendly and which island was most disliked? 528 surveys later and the results were in, and there were a couple of surprises.

The survey used weightings based on the fact that not every user had visited each island, so no actual percentages or scores will be quoted below.

Koh Chang #1 For All Round Experience

So, Thaivisa starts with the main question: Which Island gives the best all round experience – so the sum total of all factors from beauty to things to do; and perhaps surprisingly Koh Chang came out first. Koh Chang is the third biggest island in Thailand, bordering on Cambodia, and the ferry allows you to take you car across with you. It has a party area, many different ‘zones’, plenty of scuba and snorkeling, lots of restaurants, trekking and plenty of long white sandy beaches – it even has a pitch and putt golf course; but for this reviewer at least – and this is no disrespect to Koh Chang as it’s very lovely – but to come out top was a bit of surprise. Remember, it was up against islands like Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao and so on.


Koh Kood came out second, Koh Lanta third and Koh Mak fourth.

When the data was cut by tourist only (so no expat views), Koh Kood came first, Koh Samet second then Koh Chang third. But you have to take note of what expats think – as they live here in Thailand. Again, when you cut by those under 50 years old, Koh Kood once more came out top, Koh Lanta breaks into the top three at second and then Koh Chang comes third.

However, which ever way you wish to cut the data by demographics – Koh Chang sits in the top three spots.

Most Beautiful Island: Koh Kood

Koh Kood – also known as Koh Kut – is located near Trat in Thailand as is just along from Koh Chang. It has the lowest population in Thailand at only 2,000. It’s untouched beauty, ideal for those wanting nothing more than to relax on a resort along one of the many stunning beaches.


Koh Phi Phi came second and Koh Lanta third. Only when the data was cut by the under 50 year old was Koh Kood knocked off number one by Koh Tao.

Best Island for Families: Koh Samet

This result came as a surprise, given the small size of this island – you cannot bring a car to this island too. Koh Chang came second and Koh Lanta – another huge surprise – came third.


This vote showed huge polarisations by different demographic groups too. Among tourists (not expat) Koh Chang came out first, and very strongly too. For the under 50 year old, Koh Lanta came out top, followed by Koh Samet and then Koh Samui. When you think that the likes of Koh Samui and Phuket have water parks and even a zoo, this vote certainly raises an eye brow.

Island with the Most Things to Do: Phuket

No real surprises with this question given the size of islands. Phuket came out first, followed by Koh Samui and third Koh Chang. Now here is an interesting statistic, although Phuket comes out top for most things to do – it also comes bottom in the poll for best island overall.

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