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What did I learn about my trip back to the UK?


What did I learn about my trip back to the UK?

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The reason for my short trip back to the UK was to attend a funeral for my dear Nan, she was 97 years old and although a good innings it was still very sad. I don’t find myself rushing back to the UK anymore so it would take an event like this to get me back, but on review, I am glad I did.

It is all too easy to be impressionable to views of others around you, I guess this is what creates cultures in society and ensures a level of harmony, but I hate it.

I am continuously questioning if I am making the right decisions about where I choose where to live, I am all to aware that life is short and that we only get one shot to experience it.

If you were to believe my peers in Thailand they would convince me that Thailand is the place to live, in fact when painting my lifestyle to friends back in the UK they would also think the same. But I remain unconvinced.

It all comes down to how you choose to live your life and that does not need to be dictated by where you live. Let me explain. In the UK most people are tied to their jobs, schooling and mortgages, it means they have restrictions on their decision making. When it is cold and dark during certain parts of the year most stay indoors and just watch television after their hard days graft. To me this is painfully depressing and a sad way to live your life. On face value living abroad in Thailand is light years away.

However, there are some things that can start to chip away at you if you are not careful. For example, my Facebook feeds are filled to the brim with food reviews from expats experiences in different venues, it is like the big gossip every day. It is boring and largely irrelevant to me. But these guys have time on their hands and this is one of the common ground subjects for everyone – we all, after all, need to eat. I really need to cull these groups and people who fill up my news feeds with this, it does not mentally stimulate me at all. I want to be surrounded by innovators and go getters.

Due to the large contingent of retirees in Thailand it means I am surrounded by people with time on their hands, as opposed to the UK where my circles all still work and compete in the rat race. On face value, this is why living in Thailand with the warm year-round tropical climate always wins and I agree with that whole-heatedly. It is just a nicer environment.

But then I changed the way I looked at this. If you were to get to a position to live on your own terms you don’t have to fall into these categories. This is what we should all aspire too as it means we are in control of our life rather than just a conforming cog in society. The issue is most people cannot ever get to that point as they work the 9 to 5 for someone else.


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