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Magical Food of Bangkok


Magical Food of Bangkok

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By Inspire Guest Writer

Another draw of Bangkok is the variety and quality of food; from street food to fine dining this city offers every different type of cuisine at a range of qualities for generally affordable prices. Obviously the Thai food is great and ubiquitous, but I have had some really good Japanese Shabu-Shabu near Siam Station, Vietnamese near Silom Road, and really incredible (and cheap) Thai-Muslim Fusion at a place called Roti-Mataba on Phra Ar-Thit Road. I’m a big fan of street food when it’s done right, and Bangkok has no shortage of it. From sweets like mango with sticky rice, to satay sticks, to classics like Pad Thai, it’s nice to be able eat deliciously and cheaply some days.

Nowadays I live out in the ‘burbs’ and my diet consist purely of Thai/Esan food lightly peppered with the occasional treat of a Sunday roast at one the many great Pubs in town.

Bangkok is so much more than nightlife

I’m sorry not to be able to report on any ping-pong shows gone awry… nor for that matter any mistaken (or just unexpected) trysts with lady-boys, newly inked face-tattoos, or any other epic tales that would add to the lore of The Kok. I think if you slow down and spend some time to take a look at this city like you would any other place, explore on foot and by train, and get out of Khao San Road, you might find a city with great food, interesting history, beautiful art and kind people.

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