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Mastering the malaise: Eat, be merry …


Mastering the malaise: Eat, be merry …

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Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

Enjoying fabulous food is definitely something we do not need to experience vicariously, via the posts your friends and family flood your social platforms with, on a somewhat too regular basis. Thank you, but an out of focus photo of you eating your sausage and mash doesn’t really do it for me, even if the gravy does look pretty tasty.

The strictures that have been put in place to vanquish the virus during the global pandemic, such as self-quarantine and social distancing, have put the brakes on us going out to our favourite restaurant to celebrate a birthday, go on a date, or for any other celebration. When they are allowed to welcome us to their tables once more, we will see many changes in what is being dubbed the ‘new normal’.

The hospitality sector worldwide has been in nuclear meltdown, with hotels, pubs, cafes, and restaurants all being forced to close their doors. Some savvy restaurateurs embraced their tech knowhow and started offering the most popular meals on their menu for customers to eat at home, either by delivering the food themselves, or more likely by partnering with a delivery service, in Thailand such as Lineman, Grab, or Food Panda.

This is all very well but eating a restaurant meal at home takes away that special something you experience when going out; being served by attractive and attentive waiting staff and being poured a nice glass of red to go with your meal, for example. Eating a beef stroganoff in your dressing gown and slippers, while sitting on the sofa binge watching Breaking Bad, supping on a can of beer out of the fridge does not quite cut it.

But a homecooked meal can bring back a bit of intimacy, it is something you have prepared yourself, and the appreciative comments you receive from your partner or kids make your kitchen efforts worthwhile. Hopefully!

Should you be a little worried that your culinary skills might not be up to those of the chef at your local Italian (or even KFC), in Bangkok you are covered. No worries. A few enterprising Western expats noticed a gap in the market… home deliveries… for those of us living here who fondly think of the foods they enjoyed back in their own countries, with their families. Deliveries in Bangkok during lockdown rocketed. Check out the online menus, make your choices, and you will soon be sitting down to a Cumberland sausage sandwich, a steak and kidney pie, or a rack of ribs in barbecue sauce. These guys have taken it upon themselves to supply you with a taste of home, in your far away from home Thailand retreat.

As well as the aforementioned delicacies you can partake of home cured bacon, a whole range of different sausages, meat pies, Tandoori chicken, beef stews, Lasagna, and so much more, that you will discover as you read on. On your TV’s back at home you are sure to have tuned into one or another of the chef shows, because they are popular across all channels and countries. Some of these chaps living in Bangkok – or maybe their Thai wives or girlfriends – decided to make a business out of their love of food. They make the sausages themselves, cure the bacon, bake the homemade pies for you, and deliver the repast right to your door. All you have to do then is cook the sausages or bacon to your taste or heat up the ready cooked pies or other meals. Close your eyes, turn up the aircon to freezing, and there you are, back in your living room, from whence you came.

We are going to look at four places today that you will be able to check out online. After choosing your taste of the day from their menu it won’t be long before you’re enjoying a homestyle meal in the comfort of your own place, musing, ‘Bloody hell, I shouldn’t have waited till Covid-19 lockdown before I tried this out’.

The first place we are going to look into is Uncle Cameron’s traditionally smoked meats. Cameron is a long serving journalist in Thailand, and also bass player in the Midnight Ramblers, SE Asia’s top Rolling Stones tribute band. But the food string to his bow is his passion. Cameron has always liked cooking since he was a kid and he wanted to try out curing and smoking meat, so he found an inexpensive smoker, and figured out how to do it. A ham he did for a friend’s Christmas lunch came out well, so he carried on.

He bought a meat grinder, had a go at sausages, and it expanded from there… more culinary gear, refining recipes, trying them out on friends. ‘Uncle’ Cameron, in partnership with his wife, who he says is a superb cook, now has 18 products in his lineup that are a mix of ‘you-cook-’em’ and ‘heat-and-eat’.


Source: Expat Life Thailand

Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

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