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Never been so cold whilst camping in the mountains of Chiang Mai!


Never been so cold whilst camping in the mountains of Chiang Mai!

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In some ways, I had considered myself a seasoned pro on what there is to know about Thailand, after all, I have lived here almost 15 years. But as a wake up after my first-night camping in North Thailand, I realised that could not be further from the truth!

Ask me most questions about tier one more Southern locations from Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin right down to many of the islands and I can reel off all my many experiences. Ask me about any other location and I am still a relative newbie.

I had a business meeting in Chiang Mai and so doubled the trip up as a business and pleasure excursion, and so my family came along for the trip too. This is only my second time in this region. We flew from U-Tapao International airport – just 40minutes drive from Pattaya – on budget airline Air Asia. The flight was less than 90minutes and airfare for all four of us was 14,000 baht (US$450). If we had planned the trip in advance we could have got the flights at a much cheaper price.

Whilst browsing Agoda hotel booking platform I noticed a campsite – in what could almost be described luxury tents, they had power in them after all! Set up in Mae Rim just by the National Park, 40 minutes drive from central Chiang Mai. As I had my kids I thought this would be a wonderful experience, and it certainly proved just that.


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