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Phuket Baba wedding Festival


Phuket Baba wedding Festival

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Where: Phuket Town, Southern Thailand

Peranakan Chinese or Straits-born Chinese (also known in Phuket as Baba), are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to Thailand in the early 1900’s to escape starvation in their home country. Now in its ninth year the festival is a celebration of exotic wedding rituals of the Thai-Baba Peranakan people and in which, couples from around the world are invited to experience first-hand this unique wedding ceremony.

Couples in the Baba Wedding take center stage, appearing in traditional 19th century Chinese dress and costume. The highlight of the ceremony will be the colourful street celebrations, (where every-one is invited), along the historical Thalang Road. Those couples who have chosen to get married are carried in open carriages or they can walk, surrounded by colourful parasols and become part of the festival through the heart of old Phuket town. Which in turn will be decorated with a mass of red lanterns, to which are numerous festivities including a lion dance and lively parade that makes its way to the Phuket Thai Hua Museum, where they will join the traditional Chinese ceremony and sign their marriage certificates.

While this is a festival open to all it is asked people refrain from wearing black as it will make you unpopular as many Thai and Chinese people wear black only when attending a funeral.

The annual Phuket Baba Wedding event is organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thai-Peranakan Association and Phuket Municipalities in cooperation with the Thailand’s Ministry of Culture to preserve the Baba-Peranakan culture and to support Thailand as an international destination for wedding and honeymoons.

TAT Phuket Office: +66 (0) 7621 1036

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