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Phuket City Vibe( BFF edition) : Vlog#3


Phuket City Vibe( BFF edition) : Vlog#3

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Phuket is one of Thailand’s most well known cities and after countless visits, I have decided to do a vlog during my latest trip there, where I spent all of my time with my bestfriend! I was very lucky to be here again during the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket. This festival has been held for over a hundred years and more! Watch us while we show you some of Phuket’s most vibrant scenes . This clip will take you to places where real local people are, as well as all the touristy places- it’s good to have a mix of everything and I believe that is the best way to go to get the best of everything! :D Best of all, we want to spread happiness and smiles as you watch us have the time of our lives!

My bestfriend and I don’t see each other that often anymore since we live in different cities now. This is very sad for both of us because we go way back. We have been friends for over 14 years and we spent most of our childhood together as boarding students. We wake up together, eat together, study together and even sleep together at the same time! (yes as children, after the boarding staff turns off the light, I would hop out of bed to go to my bestfriend’s bed and we would go to bed! :D) Now you know why our week was so special, and very much needed!

Do not hesitate to contact me! I am hoping to get more comments! I can’t wait to answer questions from those who want to ask about Phuket, or just give me some feed back on my vlog! All is welcome here. Most importantly…thank you for watching and supporting me. this is my 3rd vlog and I am still loving it! I will try to be faster with each uploads.. :D

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