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It’s Raining..It’s the end of the World!


It’s Raining..It’s the end of the World!

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Bangkok and Rain!

To expand on a people observation from Jerry Seinfeld…..about 60% of the human body is made up of water, when we wake up in the morning we have that refreshing drink of water then proceed to take a wonderful long shower, we love diving into a pool and the ocean when it’s time to cool off..or just to have fun..BUT..when it’s panic’s like..oh no…WAAAATTTTEEERRR! No other country does this apply to more than Thailand.

Put simply..the world stops and nothing is possible when it rains in Thailand…except floods. The Thais generally are very good at excuses for not doing something..but …‘it’s raining’ …is top of the list. If you’ve organised a date with a Thai, even if she’s your long term girlfriend, if you have a business meeting, if you have a Thai employee due to start work at a certain time….forget about that if it’s raining…even just a few drops, in fact, even if it just looks like it’s going to rain. ‘I can’t come now because of the rain’..’sorry I’m 4 hours late for the meeting…but it was raining’ … ‘sorry I’m late for work..but I couldn’t get a taxi because it was raining’. So obviously taxis don’t work when it’s raining here, that’s because all the taxis in Thailand are convertibles, BTS of course has to shut down, trains as well..even though they are underground, that nasty rain finds its way through, phones don’t work and umbrellas are not for when it rains in Thailand..they are for protection from the sun so I don’t get my already beautiful olive skin more olive so I can look more ‘white’ and be hi-so, well, at least try to look like I am. I wish Ponds and Nivea told Thais that umbrellas are actually made to keep oneself dry when it rains and that many farang woman would die and pay a fortune for skin as beautiful as Thai woman, but that wouldn’t make them money given they have already brainwashed Thai woman to believe the myth they are selling.

It’s always been something I have never understood. Farang woman lie on the beach and in tanning salons to get a tan and risk skin have olive skin colour like a Thai woman. The Thai woman buy all these ‘whitening’ products and avoid the sun to look more ‘white’ like a farang woman. You will see more Thai woman wearing long sleeve jackets and more umbrellas in the street on a smoldering 39 degree sunny summers day, than you would on a rainy cool day. I suppose this adds to my long list as a man of…’why I don’t understand woman’.

Sorry, can’t write’s starting to rain.

Rob Lenehan

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Co-Founder and Director of Choice Group Asia Author of 'Normal Life is a Wonderful Life (Reject it Anyway)

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