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The Chinese are now selling PRE – off plan property in Thailand


The Chinese are now selling PRE – off plan property in Thailand

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For a period of time in Pattaya there was a huge surge in off-plan condominium sales within the local market. Developers would sell units at a reduced cost before it was even built and use the money to work with the banks of financing the construction.

It meant over night hundreds of real estates agents appeared across the town on the promise of making some good money, many of these small one man bands only needed one sale every three months and that would fund their life in Pattaya.

For one reason or another, and not the purpose of this blog so I won’t go into it now, this off-plan market dried up and just like that the only real local real estate market that was left were for the re-sale property of both condos and houses. It also meant only the best and most reputable survived and the ‘chancers’ disappeared.

Just as developers were starting to think the Pattaya condominium new builds bubble had burst, along came the Chinese buyer.

These Chinese buyers, as I understand from speaking to agents, were based in China and buying from China. These were big investors that didn’t even need to come to Thailand to make the purchase.

What I was also told is the Chinese are being sold units in projects in Thailand that even Thailand don’t know exits yet, as they exist only to the developers over in China. They are effectively selling PRE- off plan and it is proving very successful.

It is why now when many projects are now officially launched with the usual fan fare, on day one you are told 30-40% of the units are already sold!


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