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What I think a good weekend in Bangkok looks like


What I think a good weekend in Bangkok looks like

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Bangkok has something about it that oozes appeal, I can never get tired of visiting Thailands Capital. The trick is to know what to do with your time though and that can be daunting to first-timers.

Over the years I have a somewhat beaten path of activity I do when ever friends from the UK are over and want to sample a couple of days in Bangkok. Of course there is a huge number of things to do that are especially touristy, such as a visit to the stunning Grand Palace, but I like to do things that a regular expat in Bangkok would do.

Shopping Anyone?

If it is the weekend then a visit to the world’s biggest market, Chatuchak market, always puts a smile on my friends faces as its a chance to shop and pick up some bargains. Given the size it is also a big experience, plus a chance for them to sample some Thai street food to boot. If your friends want to do more shopping then take them to the Iconsiam shopping centre along the riverfront or for those with smaller budgets, Central World on Sukhmumvit Road.

If it is a family visiting I quite like to take them to Dreamland, which is a big theme park with plenty of photo opportunities and some fun rides to play on. You can see my post on when I visited Dreamland – just click here.


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