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Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love 5G in Thailand


Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love 5G in Thailand

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5G is coming to Thailand whether you like it or not. Its technological superiority to 4G is indisputable, offering 10x increased speeds and eventually making bandwidths of up to 10 GB per second possible.

Such tremendous speeds will allow you to stream 4K videos in seconds and, combined with increasing storage space, will open the floodgates for larger and more complex apps. Downloading (not streaming) a 2 hour movie in under a minute will be entirely realistic. Video calling will also be more common due to the increase in stability and quality.

5G is bound to shake up high smartphone penetration countries like Thailand in many good ways, particular where consumers are reliant on 3G and 4G rather than wifi. It’s unclear how 5G will affect data pricing in Thailand but increasing data speed and accessibility can only improve efficiency of communication, people’s wellbeing and the economy. Thailand should be the first ASEAN country to adopt 5G as early as 2020, according to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

This may all sound amazing but some people believe that the mass implementation of 5G will endanger our health. Of the beliefs that 5G is dangerous, the most common are that it causes cancer and cell damage. The naysayers will counter this by saying ‘we’ve heard it all before’ with just about every other example of wave-producing technology.

However the internet has become a highly conductive medium for mass hysteria, particularly for health concern-related scaremongering. Does the radio wave technology we have already pose a significant health risk? Not really, most would agree. So then why would an improved version of an established and safe technology suddenly be dangerous?

Electromagnetic sensitivity is a fabricated illness with no scientific evidence to substantiate its existence, yet a significant number of people claim to suffer from it. A character in Better Call Saul is comically depicted as a sufferer, yet what subtracts from the humour is that people actually like this exist. Fortunately EMS seems to be mostly a Western phenomenon, according to Wikipedia, so hopefully we won’t see this invalid concern arising in Thailand.

If you’re still phased by the potential health risks posed by 5G and considering going to extremes to avoid it, like emigrating out of Thailand, be aware that in the next decade or so only the poorest countries won’t be covered. Erricson estimates that 5G will be available to 65% of the world’s population by 2024.

We encourage you to perform independent research on the health implications of 5G but bear in mind that the Sun is a far greater source of electromagnetic radiation.

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