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Cambodia – USAID Funds Agricultural Projects in Cambodia

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Cambodia – USAID Funds Agricultural Projects in Cambodia

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USAID Prey Lang Baitong has provided funds to NTFP-EP Cambodia to support a project of planting Talipot palm.

The project aims to increase the area of forested areas and raise the level of income of the Cambodian family, as the villagers will plant on 10 hectares; 5 hectares in the Chep Lech community and 5 hectares in the Sangke forest community.

If this initial effort is successful, community forestry will expand the resilience initiative to other communities. The chief of Commune, Mr. Meas Hoeur, believes that the project will serve future generations in the future, especially that the volume of revenues from products made from Talipot palm trees amounted to 5 million to 6 million riels annually.

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