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Myanmar – Myanmar Shadow Government Raises Funds through Unity Bonds

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Myanmar – Myanmar Shadow Government Raises Funds through Unity Bonds

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Myanmar’s shadow government (NUG) recently launched a $1 billion unity investment bonds, to raise funds of at least $800 million to provide social and humanitarian support, including health care, education, social welfare, and support for defected military personnel as well as police officers with the exception of Military spending.

(NUG) was previously raising money by selling lottery tickets along with the Nway Oo lottery and now selling Unity Bonds to use the money generated to fund revolution projects, it is reported that the shadow government began with issuing $ 200 million bonds for the first batch and more than $9 million were traded in the first twenty-four hours,
Student Union Leader Min Khant Kyaw Linn said the bond sale in Myanmar came as a result of the urgent need for emergency matters such as humanitarian aid and a development mechanism that would contribute to alleviating the protest strikes.

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