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Thailand – “Fish Bank”, a home for crabs from overfishing

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Thailand – “Fish Bank”, a home for crabs from overfishing

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In an effort by the forest dwellers in Bang Srakao, Chantaburi region, to protect their only source of livelihood on which they depend by fishing for marine life, whose numbers have begun to decline, due to the greed of fishermen who come with their boats from other areas to catch crabs and other types of fish, the villagers of Bang Srakao resorted to constructing water barriers to prevent outside boats from storming the marine life nurseries in their area, in which much marine life congregate in and around the barriers.

They also put old tires and tied them together to ban overfishing boats. They called these nurseries and barriers the “house of fish” and “the bank of crabs”, which allow them to reproduce and grow again.

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