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Thailand – Specialized team to protect the Durian, “King of Fruits”

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Thailand – Specialized team to protect the Durian, “King of Fruits”

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Durian fruit has proven to be the king of fruits in Thailand, as the total exports of durian from Thailand to China and other countries this year rose to record levels over previous years.

The Thai durian captured nearly 90% of the global market share, and to protect the reputation of this important fruit worldwide of fraudsters, “Hawk Claws” team of officers set up the second Durians solving and prevention operation team in Chanthaburi, whose mission is to check the containers randomly before exporting it out and destroy all the invalid fruit.

The operation is advertised by many factories and overseas customers which has been proven to gain consumer confidence locally and globally.

Specialists in Agricultural Extension Office educate farmers to grow and harvest high-quality durian in the right season to be presented to consumers.

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