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Digital TV channels adapting amid economic challenges, Covid-19 crisis


Digital TV channels adapting amid economic challenges, Covid-19 crisis

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Digital TV channels adapting amid economic challenges, Covid-19 crisis




Amid economic challenges as well as the Covid-19 crisis, Digital TV channels such as Channel 3 and Workpoint have adapted to the situation to survive along with new media.


Channel 3 president Ariya Banomyong resigned from operator BEC World in late April, and his resignation takes effect from this Saturday (June 20). 

News reports said the new president would be Surin Krittayaphongphun, former boss of Bangkok Media and Broadcasting, the operator of PPTV HD36 channel. Surin reportedly resigned in April and would take up his new post at BEC World next month. He is not new to this organisation as he has worked there previously.


Workpoint has meanwhile faced a rating problem. Their outstanding shows such as “I Can See Your Voice” and “The Mask Singer” are no longer the hits they were.


To attract a larger audience, the channel has started an online news programme called “Workpoint Today”, rebranding from its previous “Workpoint News”.


Media Intelligence director Pawat Ruangdejworachai views Surin’s return to BEC World as suitable due to his experience in huge corporations, for instance Unilever and SC Johnson & Son.


Pawat also said Workpoint’s news and dramas have not been strong enough to compete with other similar shows. 


“However, these programmes are important in attracting audiences,” he added, mentioning that Thairath TV and Amarin TV, which have impressive news programmes, have gained higher ratings.


Pawat said it would be interesting to see how PPTV HD36 fares under a new president.





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