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Lockdown easing latest: Calls to open bars and clubs ahead of schools rejected


Lockdown easing latest: Calls to open bars and clubs ahead of schools rejected

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Lockdown easing latest: Calls to open bars and clubs ahead of schools rejected


Picture: Daily News


A public health spokesman said that calls to open up pubs, clubs and discos before schools is being rejected. 


Dr Thanarak Phaliphat said that representations had been made by the entertainment industry to ease lockdown for them by mid-June.


He said that if that were to happen and if it proved to cause a further outbreak then schools would not be able to open as scheduled on July 1st.


His comments indicated where Thailand’s priorities lie, notes Thaivisa. 


He said that some schools for small children in unaffected areas were being allowed to open before the July 1st deadline. 


He said he was more concerned about universities as students there are adults and would mix and congregate after class and represented a far greater risk of spreading the virus than school children who could be monitored at school and then would go straight home.


Thanarak also advised against foreign travel suggesting that Thais should consider domestic tourism despite cheap deals to go abroad.


He warned against going to Japan despite the country opening up. An exception might be essential business travel. But for tourism purposes it would mean going into 14 day quarantine on return and was just not worth it in his view. 


He suggested that all foreign travel for pleasure was not sensible at this time, was problematical anyway and people might wait until there was a vaccine. 


The media did not appear to press him on the issue of welcoming foreigners in to Thailand; if the boot was on the other foot ‘would foreigners be encouraged to come to the kingdom?’ was not a question he faced from Daily News.


He continued that the vulnerable like the elderly, people with health issues and the obese should continue to stay home.


For many continuing to not go out at all was best despite the easing of restrictions. 


Source: Daily News



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